Friday, June 17, 2016

So many leaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today i'm going to show you a lot of leaks that have showed up on eBay recently.
First we have.............
A possible new outfit for Julie

Melody's Floral Peplum Dress is on eBay again, but this time it's on with a pair of shoes
They're really simple, but they're cute
We've been hearing that Josefina is getting a new outfit, could this be the one?
Not quite sure who's this is. Maybe Addy or Truly Me?
We're not sure who's outfit this is. It could be a swimming suit for Maryellen, or a Bitty Baby outfit 
The headband is made of simple elastic

These don't really look like swimming shoes to me, and they're more short and flat which makes us think that they might be for a Bitty Baby
Now, i found out that there's a ultimate guide to American Girl coming out this fall!!! It includes behind-the-scenes info, facts, and more.

And that's not the only thing..........

An American Girl sticker book with over 1000 stickers!! I can't wait to see all the stickers! On the cover are Lea and Melody......... and a African American Girl doll in a outfit I've never seen before!!! Some think it might be the GOTY 2017. Though the girl looks a lot like Truly Me #46.
What do you think of all the new leaks?

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen these leaks before!

    The first one looks like PJs to me. It's the shoes, I think.

    The Peplum dress is adorable! The shoes don't really go with it, though . . .

    I love the skirt on the possible Josefina outfit! So colorful. :)

    Thanks for sharing these leaks, Kara!