Sunday, December 25, 2016

GOTY 2017 Gabriela’s New Packaging!!!!

There's been some pictures leaked on Gabriela
Photo credit: Hello Savings (Facebook)
It looks like she is secured in the box like other dolls are. The book is in the inside of the box. It does look cheap. Other AG fans have reported that you can't take the lid off, you have to cut the box open. Which i think is really annoying! Cause then you can't reuse the boxes,  and i like to reuse the boxes. 

I read this story on Small dolls in a big world  and now I realize that this type of packaging makes sense for AG to be selling their products in at Toys R Us and Khols. People have been known to open the doll boxes and steal items, so this might be the reason Gabriela’s boxes are harder to open. One person even reported that someone had bought a Lea doll at Khols, switched the doll for an Our Generation (with the Lea dress on her) and returned the “Lea” doll. 


Here we have one of Gabriela's dance outfits. (Gabriela is rumored to have a very small collection with 2-3 outfits and no ticket item over $300)


This set comes with a trunk, stickers, a small mic, electronic drums and drumsticks, headphones, a computer, and screens for the computer. I love the mic and headphones! Super cute!


I like that she tap dances and doesn't do ballet, cause if she did she would be even more like a repeat of other GOTYs.


Finally we have her dance accessories.
What are your thoughts on Gabriela's accessories and packaging?


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