Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Doll Christmas!

"Come on you guys, it's Christmas!!!" Lea exclaimed racing down to the living room.
"But my hair's not done!" Samantha complained.
"I didn't even want to wake up", moaned Felicity.
"The presents!!" said Lea excitedly.
"You know Kara gonna be taking pictures of us Lissie, right?" Samantha told Felicity.
"I don't really care what i look like right now", said Felicity flopping into the bean bag.
"How about you start opening your gifts first, Samantha", said Lea.
"Open the bag, it's from me", Felicity smiled.
"Oh My Word!!!!! I love them!" Samantha exclaimed, "thank you."
"Mine next," said Lea.

"PLAID!!!! I've been wanting a plaid shirt for who know how long, thanks Lea"
"Your welcome"
(Samantha with her presents)
"You next, Lea", urged Felicity.
"Ok, let's start with the little box, who is this from?" Lea asked.
"Me", Samantha 
"I've been wanting one of these for forever. How did you know i wanting one of these?"asked Lea.
"I saw it in your Etsy cart," replied Samantha.
"This was in my Etsy cart too, right?"
"This one's huge!!" exclaimed Lea.
"Why not give the huge gift to the new person in the family", smiled Felicity.

"OMG, i love dream catchers!" Lea said admiring the shirt.
"You did not get me ripped jeans, Oh my word! I LOVE YOU, thanks so much",
"Your welcome",
"Alright let's see, which one should i open?" Felicity asked.
"Mine!!!" begged Lea.

"You got me plaid too, i love it! Thank you"
"And Aztec!!!! Ahhh, their so cute!!" Felicity said holding them up to herself.
"I'm glad you like them," Lea smiled.
"This one yours right Samantha?"
"I finally have a scarf, oh and i love the shirt," exclaimed Felicity,"these will come in handy."
"Oh, this skirt is so cute, thanks," 
"You're welcome," replied Samantha.
"Oh my goodness!! Look at this mess!" cried Lea.
"I'm going back to bed," Felicity teased.
"Merry Christmas everybody!!" exclaimed Samantha.

Sorry the pictures were so bad! By the time i started taking pictures inside a lot of my natural light was gone :( But thanks for looking at my photo story. Did you like it?


  1. Love the new wardrobe additions! Very cool! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, i am really happy with the new additions too :)

  2. Great story, Kara! I enjoyed seeing the dolls open their presents. :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. Great job on your photostory, Kara! I enjoyed reading this!