Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nanea's Dog!!!!!!!!!

Nanea's dog has been leaked! At least we think it's Nanea's dog, cause it's too early for it to be the GOTY 2018's dog, and Z's dog is a dalmation, so the only option is for it to be Nanea's. It looks cute, but kinda mad. What's up with all these dogs and cats looking like they're gonna bite your face off :p
Do you like her dog?


  1. Interesting! It seems like the new embroidered eyes make their expressions different. Maybe someone complained about beaded eyes being choking hazards?

  2. Very cute. Not a huge fan of the new embroidered eyes. I might get it and say it was her stuffed animal instead of her pet and find a dog from The Queen's Treasures or someplace that looks more realistic.