Monday, May 22, 2017


Hey everyone!!! How are ya'll doing? I'm doing great!!!!! OK, so every summer my family plans a family vacation, and this summer we're going to Florida!!!!! We're leaving tomorrow morning and flying down! We'll probably arrive in Florida at like 5:00 that evening. But i'm so excited :) It's going to be so much fun!!!
Anyway, so i decided to bring one of my dolls and that doll is NICHOLE!!
She was extremely happy that she was allowed to come :)
Nichole: OMG!!!!! I'm so excited that Kara picked me to go to Florida with her!!! I started packing right away! Packing of course some of my favorite outfits :)
Nichole: And i can't forget my swimsuit!! 
Nichole: There i'm done! Wow, that didn't take me near as long as i thought it would :)

Thank you all for tuning in and the next time i'll see you, i'll be in Florida with Nichole!!!
See ya'll!


  1. Cool! have lots of fun!
    I have that same doll swimsuit!