Sunday, August 27, 2017

Say hello to Nanea!!!

Nanea's out!!!!!!
Nanea Doll and Book WS-HR (1)

Nanea Doll DS-LR

Girl Reading with Nanea Doll-HR

Girl and Nanea Doll Lifestyle 1-HR

Girl and Nanea Doll Lifestyle 2-HR

Nanea's Hula Outfit DS-HR
Nanea's Hula outfit.
Nanea's Holoku Dress for 18-inch Dolls
Nanea's Holoku Dress
Nanea's Island Fishing Set-HR
Nanea's Island Fishing
Nanea's Family Market DS-HR
Nanea's Family Market

Here is another picture of Nanea's market stand.
What do you think? Is she on your wishlist?

1 comment:

  1. She is so pretty and there are so many things in her collection I'd like to have! The holoku dress tops the list.