Friday, November 17, 2017

Luciana Collection and leaks!!!!!!

First let's start with the leak
These really cute shoes!!!! I'm not quite sure which outfit of hers these go with though. If you know, please tell me, I'd love to know! :)
Now, to some pictures of stuff that might be in her collection......
I think this one is a craft........Luciana's space suit (Oh my word!!! Luciana is so pretty!!! Look at those eyebrows!) :D
In this picture you see: her outfit (galaxy dress), her robot dog,a NASA branded tee,  and the telescope.
Another craft..........this time it's the rocket ship (which I've heard you can fit up to 2 or 3 dolls inside)
And more crafts :)
Her collection will include:
Luciana doll
Space camp outfit (tee, shorts, green flight jacket)
Robot Dog
Large Space Capsule

Luciana herself!
What do you think?
What do you think of Luciana's collection?

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