Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Post by AGLover02: Doll Pencil Holder

               Hey girls! This is Kara's friend, just call me AGLover02. Thanks for reading!

                                                                        For this craft you will need:

                                                                        Duct tape in two shade (optional)
                                                                        A sheet of plain white copy paper
                                                                        A paint brush
Modge Podge

Fold the white copy paper almost in half, (leave about one inch on the open side) and then fold it as shown in the picture above.

Now cover the paper with duct tape. And fold it as in the picture.

                              Put the other pattern of duct tape on the sides to seal them shut.

This is optional: take a small piece of the same duct tape that you used for the sides and take a pen, then you write a block letter for the name of your doll.

Cut it out and stick it in the center. You could even spell your doll's name!

If you did the optional monogram accent, you will want to Modge Podge it to keep the letter on.

                                      Now it's time to put your doll's pencils and pens in!

  P.S. Here is the link for where I found the tutorial on the pencils:

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  1. thanks so much for doing the guest post AGLover02!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)