Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Speading my Joy Giveaway!

(Notice these are Allie's words not mine)

Happy Weekend!
Today I am posting about a few different things
I know summer can be kind of boring and sometimes you can't find ANYTHING to do and most of the time us kids go on the TV or the computer or our phones. I'm glad your on your device so that you can help me out and enter this giveaway!
July 10th @ 12:00 AM - July 31st @ 11:59
How to Enter
Please ask your parent's permission and then comment below with your name and what your favorite thing to do in summer.
Extra Entries
+1 Follow me on this blog
+1 Follow me on Google+
+1 Follow me on Pinterest
+1 Follow me on Instagram
+5 Post about this giveaway on your blog (PLEASE LEAVE A LINK)
+5 Pin this giveaway on Pinterest (PLEASE LEAVE A LINK)
+5 Share any other way (PLEASE LEAVE A LINK)
The Prizes
1. Cool Gear Cup with Straw
2. Our Generation A Bucket of Fun Set
3. You will be awarded for the Congratulations! Blog Award
4. You will guest post on this blog
I will ALSO be having a Q&A!
Please ask any question but PLEASE nothing too personal!

Check this all out at  spreadingmyjoy.blogspot.com


  1. My favorite thing to do in summer is visit the AG store!

    1. i've always wanted to go to the AG store! btw you need to go to her blog and enter there :) Just copy and paste the 'link' at the end of my post.