Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Giveaway at American Girl Fan!!!!!!!!!!!

(check out this giveaway here

Giveaway: Felicia's Kitchen American Girl Doll Food (Two Winners)!

  Mia With Felicia's Kitchen Food
Mia can't wait to share her delicious food and treats! They are from Felicia's Kitchen, an Etsy Shop that features unique and realistic doll food. All of their items are hand-crafted with care and love, plus are overall adorable! And, guess what?! We're giving away Two Food Prize Packs to two lucky winners! Before we get into the giveaway, let me show you a closer look...
American Girl Doll Macaron
The first prize pack includes: a milkshake, three donuts, a cookie, and a macaron. *plate is not included* 
I love the bright colors and how detailed everything is, right down to the colorful sprinkles!
They are the perfect-sized mini treats!
The next prize pack includes: 'pigs in a blanket' & fries, a star cookie, a sno-cone, and lemonade. 
The lemonade looks so real with the teeny ice and lemons! 
American Girl Doll Mini Corndogs and Fries
I like how the 'pigs in a blanket' and fries come in their own little checkered tray.
Corndogs and Fries
I can't get over how cute the fries are!!
And, your doll can celebrate the last days of Summer with a cool Sno-Cone!
American Girl Doll Food
I highly recommend Felicia's Kitchen, all of their items are so well-made! Any doll would be happy with this yummy food on the menu.
Are you ready to enter to WIN?!
Here's how you can:
-First have a Parent's permission (if you are under 18)-you will have to give me your home address if you win.
-In your comment say that you would like to enter
-Go to Felicia's Kitchen Etsy Shop (<--Click the link) and take a look around. Then come back to tell me your favorite item!
-Say your name or nickname (tell me in the comment or sign the comment with your name)
-Make sure that the email address you use to publish your comment is the one I can contact you by.
Be sure to follow those instructions! Also, I can ship only to the U.S.A. and Canada. You can only enter once, one entry per person.
The last day to enter is Tuesday September 2nd at Midnight EST. I will pick and reveal the winners on September 3rd. I will pick the winners randomly. The first winner will have the choice of which prize pack they'd like and the second winner will get the prize pack the other winner didn't choose.
When you write your comment to enter it will be saved until I approve your comment. This means you won't see your comment right away, but it will be posted. Please be patient and it will appear after I approve it.
If you are unsure of how to comment or have questions about my giveaways you can find the answers in My Frequently Asked Questions Page. Also, feel free to ask me by comment or email.
Good Luck
Felicia's Kitchen has a special offer for you too! You can receive 10% off your entire purchase when you use the coupon code AGdollfanAug15 at checkout. Available until September 30, 2015 and only one coupon can be used at a time.
Mia and I wish good luck to all who enter!
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