Wednesday, June 20, 2018

25 Things American Girl Doll Fans Can Relate To!

This post is 100% from Happy House of AG. She posted it recently and I absolutely love it!!! Btw if you haven't heard of Happy House of AG click on the link above and follow's worth it :)

She put together a list of 25 things that American Girl Doll fans can relate too.

1) “What are you going to spend your birthday/Christmas money on?” . . . Dolls.
2) Hearing your grandparents talk about your dolls is actually painful. How many different versions of “American dolls” are there?
3) Constantly losing their hairbrush. I’ve had about four doll brushes in my life and I only know where one is.
4) Seeing a really cool location for a photoshoot in public, but being too embarrassed to bring your doll there.
6) Your camera dying/the weather changing as soon as you’ve finished prepping for a shoot.
7) You’re always broke because you spend your money on doll clothes/accessories as soon as you have enough.
8) Being nervous about bringing new friends to your house because they’ll see your doll collection.
9) Getting an amazing idea for a new post . . . at 1 a.m.
11) Hanging onto every weird knickknack because you might use it for a photostory some day. Do I really need this tiny rattle? No. Am I going to keep it anyway? Absolutely.
12) “I think I know more about American Girl dolls than you do, genius,” is your favorite vine. (My favorites are actually those ones about the guy who can’t find his berries, but that’s beside the point.)
13) You have plans for tons of custom dolls that you’ll never make.
14) You might have cried a little bit when Doll Diaries and Innerstar U shut down (R.I.P.).
16) You’ve spent countless hours scrolling through AGIG, drooling over all the gorgeous photographs.
17) You’ve been searching eBay for years, trying to track down that GOTY that you regret not buying.
18) Freaking out about your dolls getting silver eye whenever they get slightly wet.
19) Playing games and taking quizzes on the American Girl website was a staple part of your childhood (the pet ones were the best).
21) No matter how bad the GOTY movies are, you’re still going to watch them.
22) You have a box filled with old American Girl magazines and catalogs somewhere.
23) The first time you went to an American Girl store was a dream come true.
24) You’ll never forget how excited you were when you got your first American Girl doll.
25) No matter how old you get, your dolls will always have a special place in your heart.
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Outstanding! I relate to 95% of these. Great post! I gave it a G+ share.
    Suggestion for the lost brushes...I have a mini zipper pouch that holds all our brushes, picks, and spray bottle. It's a super cute print, so I always know where it is (even the few times I pack it somewhere I shouldn't).