Friday, June 29, 2018

Thanks To My Followers + A Giveaway!!!!!

First of all I'd like to start this blog post out by thanking all my followers. You guys are literally amazing!!! The fact that you choose to come over to my blog and check out my stuff means a lot! I can't help but remember when I was in the hospital a couple years ago and mentioned it on my blog, and in the comments you guys told me that you were praying for me and hoping I got better. That's when I realized I had some freaking awesome followers!!! I love you guys so much!! Five days ago was my 4 year anniversary for this blog and I was amazed that most of you guys have stuck with me that long :) Anyway so in honor of my 4 year anniversary I'd like to host a giveaway!! :) But to do the giveaway I need to reach 25 followers!!! Can you guys do that? Love you guys!!!


  1. Congratulations on four years!! That's a lot! I hope you reach your follower goal, and I'm glad to be one of them! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) You guys are so amazing!! :)