Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mini Saige Doll Giveaway at American girl doll crafts and fun.

(make sure to comment on her blog if you want to enter!) (comment on her blog here)

Mini Saige Doll Giveaway

 Mini Saige Doll Giveaway

 Hey everyone! Today I have a fun little giveaway for you!
One lucky winner will have a chance to win a mini Saige doll!

 I have my own Saige mini doll, and she is so cute! She has a cloth body, unlike the newer AG mini dolls.

Here's how to enter this giveaway. It's easy:

First, you must have your parent/guardian's permission if you are under 18, because you have to give me your address if you win.

1. Comment below with your name or nickname and....

If you could make your own girl of the year doll, what would she look like? Include her hair color, eye color, and her name, and anything else you would like to include about her.

That's it, but for extra entries, you can:

  • post about this giveaway on your blog, in a forum, or on facebook (+5)

  • pin this giveaway on pinterest (+5)

  • post about it on Instagram (+5)

NOTE: Remember, be sure to comment down below if you did any of these things, and please include the link or nickname.

Giveaway ends September 11, 2015 at midnight CST

I can only ship to the US and Canada.

I will use to pick the winner.

Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK!!!

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  1. I would make her a super hero. Black hair, green eyes, and not super thin. She would look like a normal girl -- only a super hero! She'd have glasses (Clark Kent style). Naming her would be hard..but..maybe Mary Elaine.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!


  2. I pinned this on Pinterest because I totally want to win this for my kids! :) The link is

    My name on pinterest is nurdburgler.

    1. If you want to enter you'll need to go to American girl doll crafts and fun, and enter there. I have a link in the beginning of this post.

  3. I hope We win this we love Saige and She was my Daughter's 1st Girl of the year Doll. She had watched the movie 100 times. God bless Maxine I will pin this also right now.

    1. If you want to enter you need to go to her blog, which i have put a link to it in the beginning of this post. Have fun :)