Friday, July 31, 2015

Giveaway for the 2015 GOTY Grace

American Girl Grace Doll Giveaway

Over the past year, American Girl Specialty Boutiques have been opening up in a number of Indigo Kids stores across Canada. Now a brand new location is open in the heart of downtown Toronto in the Toronto Eaton Centre.
American Girl Specialty Boutique Toronto Eaton Centre

American Girl Toronto Eaton Centre

Located in Indigo Kids on the 3rd floor of the Eaton Centre, the American Girl specialty boutique is a not to be missed experience while in Toronto. The whole Indigo Kids section of the store has undergone a massive renovation with new sections for Lego, Imaginative Play, Books and more.
The Lego section at Indigo Kids Toronto Eaton Centre
What I love about the new American Girl Specialty Boutique is that it feels a lot like a separate store. There is a separate entrance to the Boutique and once you pass through the door, it feels like you’ve been transported to one of the larger stores in Chicago or New York.
The American Girl Specialty Boutique has enough selection to keep your American Girl fan busy for a long time. The centre of the Boutique is a very cool hair salon where American Girl dolls are treated to braids, ribbons and some very intricate hair designs. Your American Girl doll also has the option of getting her ears pierced.
American Girl Boutique Toronto
We brought along Ursula, Charlie’s American Girl doll who is over 3 years old now. She left the Boutique looking brand new and with a selection of earrings for her newly pierced ears.
The American Girl in the Toronto Eaton Centre is now open daily. Check holiday schedule before visiting.

American Girl Specialty Boutiques in Canada

American Gir Specialty Boutique
Other American Girl Specialty Boutiques are now open at Indigo Kids in the following locations:

American Girl Grace Doll Giveaway

American Girl Giveaway To celebrate the opening of the American Girl Speciality Boutique in the Toronto Eaton Centre, I am giving away a prize package which includes the following:
  • American Girl Doll of the Year- Grace;
  • An exclusive doll sized American Girl Toronto t-shirt;
  • An American Girl Doll Photo Shoot Book with tips and tricks for amazing doll pics and a doll photo album; and
  • A coupon for a free Flip Pony Hairstyle for the American Girl Doll.
Enter before August 4th 2015 at 11:59 PM!

For tips on visiting an American Girl store in the US and to enter an American Girl book giveaway, click here to visit Gone with the Family!


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Giveaway: CreationsColleen Matching Girl And Doll Crowns!

(notice that this are all Liz's words, not mine :)

Giveaway: CreationsColleen Matching Girl And Doll Crowns!

Kit Wearing CreationsColleen Crown

Kit is a stylish princess today in her crown made by Colleen at CreationsColleen Etsy Shop! Her shop features beautiful handmade crowns for girls and their dolls in all kinds of designs. And, guess what?! We're giving away Matching Polka Dot Girl and Doll Crowns to one lucky American Girl Fan! Before we get into the giveaway, let me show you a closer look...
Girl And Doll Crowns
These crowns are well made with a combination of fabric and double layer of eco-fi felt. They are a very fun accessory for dress-up and birthdays parties. And, I just love how you can match with your doll! 
Glittery Crown
The polka dot fabric is so colorful and glittery! 
Back of Crown
What's great about these crowns is that they tie in the back with ribbon so they can fit easily on 18 inch dolls and girls! 
Side View2
Kit looks so cute wearing the crown and I know any doll will too! 
Are you ready to enter to WIN?!
Here's how you can:
-First have a Parent's permission (if you are under 18)-you will have to give me your home address if you win.
-In your comment say that you would like to enter
-Go to the CreationsColleen Etsy Shop (<--Click the link) and take a look around. Then come back to tell me your favorite crown!
-Say your name or nickname (tell me in the comment or sign the comment with your name)
-Make sure that the email address you use to publish your comment is the one I can contact you by.
Be sure to follow those instructions! Also, I can ship only to the U.S.A. and Canada. You can only enter once, one entry per person.
The last day to enter is Tuesday August 4th at Midnight EST. I will pick and reveal the winner on August 5th. I will pick the winner randomly.
When you write your comment to enter it will be saved until I approve your comment. This means you won't see your comment right away, but it will be posted. Please be patient and it will appear after I approve it.
If you are unsure of how to comment or have questions about my giveaways you can find the answers in My Frequently Asked Questions Page. Also, feel free to ask me by comment or email.
Good Luck
Kit and I wish good luck to all who enter! :)
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New African-American BeForever character?

Hello everyone!So i found this blog post saying that American Girl should be releasing a African-American BeForever doll in 2016!

fb african american girl doll
Photo credit

I just looked at their trademarks and saw a couple names that they just claimed this year.
Emily, Gabriela, and Melody Ellison.
I like the name Melody.
What do you guys think about this?

thanks to American Girl Doll Chick for posting this on her blog!!! make sure that you check out her blog.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Awesome Giveaway by American Girl Doll crafts and fun!!!!!!!!

(all these words are Amaya's not mine) 

(also make sure you comment on her site here

Cherry Dress Giveaway with Sheeky Violets

Cherry Dress

Giveaway with

Sheeky Violets

Today we have a sweet giveaway that you will love berry much. :)
Sheeky Violets is sponsoring this giveaway for a super cute cherry dress!
I love it, don't you?

I think the red looks so pretty with Isabelle's hair. But it will look gorgeous on any doll!

This is such a pretty summery dress that your doll will look beautiful in!

The colors are so rich!

And the quality is amazing. It's perfect!

A close up of the bottom of trim.

I love the way the dress flows out on the bottom.

So go ahead and enter to win this lovely dress for your doll!

Here's how to enter this giveaway. It's easy:

First, you must have your parent/guardian's permission if you are under 18, because you have to give me your address if you win.

1. Comment below with your name or nickname and....

Go visit Sheeky Violets, and take a look around. Come back here and tell me in a comment what your favorite item/items are from her etsy shop.

That's it, but for extra entries, you can:
Make sure to comment below and let me know if you do any of these things and include the link or nickname.

Be sure to check out Sheeky Violets on etsy.

Giveaway ends  August 2st, 2015 at midnight CST

I can only ship to the US and Canada.
I will use to pick the winner.
Thank you for entering and GOOD LUCK!!!

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Check her blog out it's awesome!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

My giveaway prize that arrived like 2 weeks ago!

OK, so like the title said 'My giveaway prize arrived like 2 weeks ago' And i finally found time to post some pictures! so here we go.

i got a swimming suit and a AG bag.

and 2 hair scrunchies (or what ever they're called)
I love it!
Hope you enjoyed. which one was your favorite?

Friday, July 24, 2015

We're home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the title of this post basically described what i wanted to tell you :)  I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
It feels so good :) i don't have to live out of a suitcase anymore!!!!!! (well, i mean for a while) YAY!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Stuff about yesterday and the more :)

hey everyone! Just wanted to tell you where i went yesterday. I went to a awesome amusement park! They had tons of rides, but my favorites where the alpine slide, (which my little sister loved) a huge water slide, (which, sadly was closed) a tall up and down slide that has a huge puddle at the end, (btw when i went on it for the last time, i got drenched:) and a super long chair lift that went to the top of a mountain (and when you get to the top, you had a gorgeous view)
Sadly i wasn't able to take my camera along so i didn't get any pictures :(

Ok, first of all i want to show you a random picture of where my mom and sister got coffee yesterday morning. (i thought it was really pretty)

                            Now for some pictures of my souvenir i got at the titanic museum.
Felicity's feet in the back round.

i thought the design and sparkle are so pretty
Then this is a paper that they give you before you go in the museum. It tells you who you could be on the titanic. Then it tells you why they were going across the ocean to America, and it tells some of their life story. Then while you're in the museum you find out if your person dies or not. My person survived. It was really cool because my little sister's person on her paper was my little sister on my paper :)
This is the back of the paper. To entertain the kids while they waited in line to get into the museum.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Where i went today!

Hey guys just i update on what i did today.

First we went to the titanic museum! Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures inside but i did get some pictures of the outside :)

Then after we went there we went to Chedders!!!if you haven't been there you are missing out.
I got baby back ribs!!!!!! It sounds kind of weird but they are so good. 
And i got raspberry lemonade.
then we went to a doll store that i had heard about from
Thanks so much Lilah!
I  got these super cute shoes.
and this pretty dress 
that came with this headband

Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Our little cottage!

This is where we're staying right now!!!!!!!!!

the kitchen
The little dining area next to the kitchen.
the living room
my parents room
Their Jacuzzi.
Then going upstairs to us kids bedrooms.
me and my sister's room.
My brothers room. Those are my little sisters stuffed animals on his bed :)
now we're back down stairs at the door in the living room that's going out to the back deck.
the view from the back deck.
Some long deck chairs.
The hot tub!
another picture of the hot tub.
Hope you enjoyed!