Friday, April 29, 2016

*In Store Report* New Releases!!!!

Mini Lea!!! She's so pretty :)
She's $34!! I'm not sure why she's so expensive, but Lea 18" in 5$ more than the other dolls too.
Here she is out of her box.

These are bracelets :)
They're $8 each
I love the unique and creativity they put in them
A necklace
(which in my mind is WAY too expensive)
Girls shirts
$28 each
Lea Celebration Outfit
Lea's Celebration's outfit. I love it!!!!
Lea's dress for girls
Lea's Picnic Set
Lea's Beach picnic set
Lea To The Rescue Movie
Lea's movie is out!!!!!!!!
Stars and Stripes Outfit
Stars and stripes set
Spirit Squad outfit
Pomeranian Puppy
Pomeranian Puppy
Absolutely adorable!!
Fur-rocious Pet Outfit and Galaxy Bed
Fur-rocious Pet Outfit & Galaxy Bed
Wow!! It's very bright. It certainly caught my attention :)
Rainbow Collar and Leash
Rainbow Collar & Leash
Bitty Baby
Fruity Fun Outfit ($26), Bitty's Gown & Bonnet ($28), and Bitty's Travel Seat 
Doll Sports Book
It looks really interesting :)
Which one of these would you buy?

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