Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy 1 year blog anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it has been a whole year since i first started this blog. Thanks to all the people that check out my blog. I really appreciate it!!!!!!!!! I know that my real anniversary is on the 25th, but i won't be able to post then, so i'm doing it a few days early.

This was my first picture from my first photoshoot
It's still one of my favorites of Felicity :)

The most view count on one post was 190!!!! It was about how there might be a African American historical character (Melody)

The most comments i've gotten on one post was 12. In that post i was saying that i had got nominated for my first award.

My first award was the......

And my first follwer was Lainey Dunlap

My total pageviews...... 12,433

I just want to thank you all again for checking out my blog!!!!!!!! I love all you guys <3


  1. Congrats Kara! :)

    Allie D.

  2. Happy blog anniversary, Kara! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  3. Wow, congratulations, Kara! Happy blogiversary!:)

  4. Congratulations! I nominated you for the "Who Should Girl of the Year 2017 Be" tag on my blog!