Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thoughts on Truly Me Summer Releases!

American Girl Side-Cinch Tank & Plaid Shirt Outfit for Dolls
Side-Cinch Tank & Plaid Shirt Outfit - $46

I really like this outfit. Thought i don't know about the colors. 


Adventure Campfire Set - $42

I really like this set! It's so cute. The s'mores look soooooo good!
Adventure Sleeping Bag

Adventure Sleeping Bag - $28

I 'm not a big fan on this sleeping bag. I don't really like the colors purple and orange together.
American Girl Cat Tee & Leggings Outfit for Dolls
Cat Tee & Leggings Outfit - $36
I really like this outfits. I'm in love with the jeans <3

Ombre Ballet Outfit - $34

I don't think that this outfit is very special. I mean AG sells a lot of ballet costumes and i think that they've make cuter ones.
American Girl Bubble Dress & Leggings Outfit for Dolls
Bubble Dress & Leggings Outfit - $40
This is probably one of my favorites!!!!!! I love everything about it. And i love how it fits the doll.

American Girl Kitten Sweater & Skirt Outfit for Dolls
Kitten Sweater & Skirt Outfit - $36
I don't really care for this. It almost seems like there's to much going on.
American Girl Cat Tee & Plaid Shirt Outfit for Dolls
Cat Tee & Plaid Shirt Outfit - $48
This is another one of my favorites!! I love the plaid shirt!!!!!!!!!! I love the way it knots.

Cat Tee & Play Shorts Outfit - $34 
I'm trying to decide if i like this or not.

Side-Cinch Tank & Leggings Outfit - $36 
love love love!!!!!! Another one of my favs!!!! The side-cinch gives it a really cute touch.
American Girl Cat Tee & Denim Jacket Outfit for Dolls

Cat Tee & Denim Jacket Outfit - $44
Absolutely love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The skirt and jacket are adorable!
American Girl Butterfly & Gem Bracelet Set

Butterfly & Gem Bracelet Set - $8

I don't really like these. They look kinda cheap though.
American Girl Brownie Ombre Glasses

Brownie Ombre Glasses - $10

I don't like these. Like at all. I'm not sure why.
American Girl Glitter Glasses

Glitter Glasses - $10

These are ok i guess, still not a big fan though.
American Girl Cute & Comfy Lounge Set for Dolls

Cute & Comfy Lounge Set - $20

I really like this nightwear. It looks so comfy. I love the colors :)
American Girl Adventure Tent for Dolls

Adventure Tent for Dolls - $70

This tent is kinda expensive, but i really like it :) It's cute.

Adventure Pop-Up Camper - $185

I really like this camper a lot!! All the accessories are really cute, but it costs a lot.
American Girl Pomeranian Pajamas for Dolls

Pomeranian Pajamas - $24

Those pants look so comfy!!! I want them in my size :)

Trundle Bed & Bedding Set - $100

I like this bed a lot. Absolutely perfect for a sleepover ;)

So, that's what i think of some of the AG releases. Feel free to use my pictures.
What do you think of the new releases?
PLease tell me below in the comments!

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