Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tenney news!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i recently found some new about Tenney Grant on American girl doll news!!! OK, so first Sydney (the girl who's the author of american girl doll news) found Tenney's self-titled first book!! Go you Sydney :) 
It's NOT good quality right yet. I'm guessing that the picture is of Tenney from the waist up, she's playing her guitar. I'm not sure what that brown thing is, maybe a puppy? Here's the description:

"Meet Tenney Grant! Her biggest dream is to share what's in her heart through music. Little does she know, she's about to get the opportunity of a lifetime.When Tenney gets invited to perform solo at Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe, the pressure is on to write the song that will show what she's made of. But then Tenney's parents decide that she's too young to perform professionally, leaving her future hanging in the balance. What if this is Tenney's only chance to make her dreams come true?"

Sydney also posted a picture of the Tenney doll in her box!!!! 
On the lid of her box you can see her book cover.  And behind the Tenney doll, in the box, you can see part of her book :) She's pretty, but her outfit doesn't match at all :( I really don't like that her hands are different :( It's almost like she's not an american girl, but i'm probably the only one that thinks that. People say that she looks like Truly Me #2, and she does kinda. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at these leaks :) 
What do you think of Tenney?
Are you going to get her?
What do you think the picture on her book looks like?
I'd love to hear your answers :)