Monday, December 28, 2015


Hey, so I'm back!!!!! Sorry I didn't post on Christmas, um a very unusual thing happened to me. I got appendicitis. It all started on Monday afternoon. I came home from school, not feeling very good. My mom thought it was the flu and none of us were worried. Then at night, I was puking and basically got no sleep. On Tuesday, my pain was worse so my dad took me to our family doctor and they said it was probably just the flu, but I had my suspicions. Then at 3 in the morning, on Wednesday, I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep! My dad took me to the ER. The ER is like 20 minutes away, and it felt like it took hours!!!! Well, we finally got there and I could barely move. (because of the pain) Then they got me a room, and hooked me up to a IV and all that stuff. They told me that my appendix leaked. I was like 'No!' Because of the infection, they sent me to a different hospital. Then after 2 or 3 hours, some paramedics came, and I got a ambulance ride to the hospital. I got to the hospital safety and got to my room. I then got my surgery later that day and when I woke up, my mom was there, and she gave me a super fluffy pink and white stuffed puppy. Then my dad left and my mom stayed with me. On Christmas Eve we watched TV and I could drink water!!!!!!!!!!
I hadn't been able to drink since Wednesday because you can't have anything in your stomach when you do surgery. So I love water!!! It's my best friend :) Anyway on Christmas Day my family came to the hospital and brought all the presents! It's actually not that bad to have Christmas in a hospital. I was around people I love and had fun :) Then we found a sack filled with awesome presents that Santa Claus had slipped in during the night. There were tons of presents. Good quality! They were things I actually like! Then on Saturday, my cousin, who lives 4 hours from where I was came and visited me! It was so sweet of her and we had so much fun :) On Sunday, I was still in the hospital, and my cousins who live Indiana, came to visit me :) It was awesome. Well, that was my big update and just so you know, I am still in the hospital. If I feel good enough tomorrow, I can go home.
Pray for me <3


  1. I'm sorry that you are in the hospital! I hope you can go home soon!

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry! I'll be praying for you. :(

  3. I'm so sorry, Kara. That's awful, but I'm glad you're feeling better and I'll be praying for you. I was in the Hospital near Christmas one year, and I agree, it's not that bad! :) I got visited by Santa and there were lots of presents. :) I hope you can go home soon!

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  4. Praying! It's amazing how grateful you are through this! :)

    Allie D.

  5. I am so sorry Kara. I am glad you are feeling better, and I am glad you still had a great Christmas. I am praying for you, and you were so thankful and grateful through the whole time, so that is amazing. Fell better if you are not already.

    PS I am posting on my blog again.