Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lea Clark!!!!!!!!!!!!

A photo of the 18 inch Lea Clark has been found on Instagram! (got this info at Doll Days)

Lea has caramel hair with blonde highlights. Her skin isn't as dark as Kanani's or Marisol's

 Lea's eyes are a very unique color.... I don't know how to describe them! :) They look like Caroline's eyes, but lighter with a more yellow tone.

Her book had been leaked on Scholastic, but it has been removed. Here is a closer look at the cover art. 

 I think Lea is beautiful and very unique. I wonder if she'll be sold with the messenger bag and compass. She is at the TOP of my wish list for My birthday!! I want her so bad!! I set her as my desktop background. Yeah, I'm obessed.

What are your thoughts on Lea?


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  1. Thank you for giving us credit Kara, and it's okay to use our photos with permission. But part of blogging is enjoying writing our own posts and sharing them with others. :) I would really appreciate it when you use my photos for a post, you could write descriptions for them in your own words. It's totally ok to use my photos as long as you have permission, but please do not use my exact words. Thank you for giving us credit, and you're doing a great job with your blog!

    -American Girl Doll Crafter