Friday, December 30, 2016

GOTY Gabriela released on December 29!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so Good Morning America released the new 2017 GOTY!!

American Girl’s girl of the year doll for 2017 is a poet and dancer named Gabriela McBride, who uses the two art forms to help overcome her stuttering.

Gabriela is described in a press release from the doll maker as a “true creative talent” who uses poetry to help “break down barriers” and overcome her “personal challenge” of stuttering.

PHOTO: American Girls 2017 Girl of the Year is Gabriela McBride, a dancer and artist with a love for poetry.

The 18-inch doll, which has brown eyes and curly dark brown hair, will be launched in stores and online on Jan. 1.
Gabriela comes with a book and performance-inspired outfits, plus a microphone and pretend headphones. Additional Gabriela products and books will be available starting in spring 2017, according to American Girl.
The series of three books about Gabriela are authored by Teresa E. Harris. The books will chronicle Gabriela’s childhood in a family of artists and how finding her voice through poetry helps Gabriela save her beloved community arts center from destruction.
In addition to the books and doll, American Girl is partnering with Scholastic to release a curriculum program, Express Yourself, to teach poetry to students. The program will also feature a poetry contest for kids to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.
You can watch the revealing video HERE.

It seems like Gabriela's bigger items and additional items will come later this Spring.
In the photo above it looks as if one of Gabriela's exclusive pairs of earrings will be music notes.
In this photo they feature Gabriela's PJ's for girls and dolls.
Here is Gabriela’s studio background and bar set, and her dance outfit.

Gabriela will also have a tap outfit, and a microphone set along with a dance case/trunk shown above.
I think i'm starting to like Gabriela a little more than i used to :) I can't wait to see the rest of her collection.
Do you like her?

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