Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review of the Hit The Slopes Outfit!!!!

Today I'm doing a review on the Hit The Slopes Outfit
                                                        The pink is definitely Lea's color
               I love the pants they're really cute, but they're kinda loose around her waist and thighs.
I love the little design AG put on the pants near the knee :)
The mittens are ADORABLE!!!!! But again they're kinda loose. I could see them easily slipping off. I think they should be more tight around her wrist.
I really like the coat! If it was for a real person it would definitely keep them warm :) It fits Lea to a t :) I'm not a big fan of the AG writing on the sleeves and inside the hood though.

Now to the headband, it fits Lea's head very well. It's also stretching.

I absolutely love how her hair curled in this photo :)

Hope you enjoyed the review :) I'd rate it 4.5
Would you buy it?

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