Saturday, February 18, 2017


So on February 14, American Girl revealed  5 new dolls!!! 5!!!!!!!!! 
Here are the new dolls plus Gabriela :)
All the dolls2
I love the theme!!! You can check out American Girl's video HERE!
American Girl Doll Tenney Grant
She looks so pretty in this picture :) She's available on this Thursday, February 16th!!!!

Logan Everett! He's American girl's first-ever boy character doll. He will be available on February 16!!
American Girl Doll Felicity Merriman
Felicity Merriman. She will never give up on friends, her freedom, or herself. Available on February 16!!
American Girl Doll Z Yang
Z Yang. She's an imaginative filmmaker who develops her own take on the world around her.  She'll be available in the spring.
American Girl Doll Nanea Mitchell
Nanea Mitchell--She's a Hawaiian girl who does her part to help and heal during wartime in 1941.  She'll be available in the fall.
New American Girl Dolls 2017
What an awesome Valentine's Day gift!!!!
What do you think of the new dolls?

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