Sunday, February 12, 2017



  • American Girl will begin sewing the underwear onto the bodies of  Truly Me dolls and Julie, Maryellen, and Melody. I’m guessing this also will apply to Tenney and Logan.
  • Multiple people have stated that a Jaya doll (Tenney’s best friend) is also in production. At this time it is just a rumor but it is highly possible.
  • Gabriela will have a loft bed, chair and ottoman, and a snack food set later this year in her collection.
  • A Tenney Grant movie is in production.
  • Felicity will not be released with a collection.
  • A Z doll may be in the making. American Girl's CEO and president, Katy Dickson, recently staed in an interview that Z's real name is Suzie and she is Korean American.

I really don't like that they're sewing underwear onto the dolls.
 I hope what they say about Jaya is true!!!!! That would be so cool.
That's so cool that Gabriela's collection is expanding. I don't think American has ever made this much stuff just for a GOTY!
I can't wait to see Tenney's movie!!!!
I'm kinda sad that Felicity won't have a collection. She was so cool.

 What do you guys think of these 'rumors'?


  1. Replies
    1. Z is the name of a doll that is on the American Girl Doll site: She makes stop motion videos. I learned about her not that long ago.

    2. Interesting. They really don't have to make a Z doll - doesn't she already exist? I'm not sure which number she is though. Perhaps they did make a customer for the Z Club.

    3. She does technically she does exist. She probably is a costume made doll :)

    4. She is adorable isn't she :)

  2. Well, the perma panties aren't a rumor. There are photos of Truly Me's on The Mouse Lair blog. Not good.

    Hoping the Felicity rumor is wrong. If true will fuel the flames under already hot collectors' ire.

    Like the idea of Gabriela's collection expanding. [If you look back at the different GOTY collections Jess started the larger items trend and I think Lanie and Grace have had the most accessories in their collections.]

    I would love to see a Korean-American doll.

    1. You're right, that the perma panties aren't rumor :) My bad. I loved reading to what you had to say :)

    2. No worries. I wish the perma-panties were a rumor that could be busted by Gossip Cop. :-)

    3. Oh my goodness, me too!!!! I really don't want the perma-panties to actually happen!!!!