Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Doll Christmas!!

Finally a very very late Christmas post!
"Wake up everyone!!! It's Christmas!!!" Lea yelled swinging around the stair railing.
She heard groans coming from her sisters who were still upstairs in their warm beds. Nichole and her were the only morning people in their family.
She grabbed a mug and poured coffee in it. Coffee was very popular in their household, and a life saver at times.
*more footsteps* "It's about time you guys got down here," She joked. "Don't talk about it," Samantha said tiredly.
"Come on guys, it's Christmas!" Nichole smiled. "Hey, how come you weren't up early with me this morning, Nicky?" questioned Lea. "Because she was up all night watching Netflix," Felicity answered.
"I couldn't sleep!"Nichole said innocently. "Yeah, and kept me up. Next Christmas I'm buying you earbuds," Felicity replied.
They opened up the jar of candy canes.
"Maybe we should buy her another house to live in," Nichole whispered to Lea. They both giggled.
"So when did you all get all your Christmas shopping and wrapping done?" Felicity asked.
"I didn't get mine down till last night," Samantha answered. "That's because you procrastinate Samantha," Felicity laughed, "you could help that if you wanted to." "Who doesn't procrastinate?" Samantha asked.
"Felicity." Lea smiled, "she had her stuff all done the day after Black Friday."
"Can we please go open our presents!?" Nichole asked anxiously.
"Sure," Lea said. "Let's go into the living room."
"Ok, so we switched names this year. Everyone get your presents and give them to your person," Nichole announced.
After everyone had gotten up and given their people the presents, Samantha spoke up. "I think Felicity should go first" The other girls agreed.
"Did you have me, Samantha?" Felicity asked. "Yes I did," Samantha smiled.
Felicity opened her box.
"Oh my word!! It's so cute!!" She exclaimed. "Try it on!" Lea said.
"It looks so good on you!!" Nichole commented.
Felicity sat back down and opened the bag.
"You and I have matching boots now!" Felicity said to Samantha. "You've told me so many times how much you love my boots so now you got a pair too" Samantha said smiling.
"I think you should go next, Samantha. I had you for Christmas"
Samantha picked up one of her presents." "Now, the three boxes are all part of something," Felicity informed. "Ok," Samantha replied, "this is literally the cutest present I've ever seen!!!"
She opened it up. "It's a hat! This is so cute!"
She pulled up the next present onto her lap.
"Leggings and a scarf to go along with the hat. This scarf is so soft!" Samantha commented. "I know right!" Felicity laughed.
She unwrapped the last box. "A water filter. What I've always wanted!!!" Samantha joked.
"Oh my goodness, this dress is really soft too!" They all laughed.
Then so she reached for the bag.
"Ahhhh, they're so cute!!!" Samantha said excitedly. "Go try on the outfit." the other girls urged.
"It looks amazing!" Felicity said proudly.
"I love the hat!!" Nichole said.
Ok, Lea you're next" Nichole smiled. "You had me?" Lea asked. "Yup, and you're gonna love it!!"
Lea pulled over the first box.
"You did not!!!! Ahhh!!! This was on my Christmas list!!!" Lea squealed.
"I bought you summer things, so you'll have to wait awhile to wear them," Nichole replied.
"Oh that's fine," Lea said opening the other box.
"This so cute!! But they look really big," She looked down at the shorts. "You have to try them on first," Nichole told her. "Ok, I'll be right back."
"What do you think?" Lea asked the girls. "They make you look so tan!" Samantha complimented, "can I borrow them so I can look tan for once?" They all laughed.
Lea then tried on her other gift. "I love this, Nichole! Thanks"
"You're welcome" said Nichole. Lea smiled, "You're next, I had you. Open the box last. It's the best."
Nichole started to open the bag.
"Sandals!! I needed a pair of sandals so bad!!"
She then pulled the box up to her chair and unwrapped it.
She let out a little scream. "A romper!!! This was on my Christmas list!!" She exclaimed.
She quick tried on the romper. "Oh my word! That looks so good with your hair!" Lea admired.
"I love it so much!!!" Nichole said smiling at Lea.
"This is one of the best Christmas's by far," Felicity commented.
"It sure is," agreed Nichole.
Very very late Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


  1. Great photostory! Your pictures were great, and I enjoyed the story! Merry late Christmas!

  2. Great photo story! I love that grey dress. So cool!