Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Things For American Girl!

American Girl has a new mix and match, but this time it's mermaid themed
American Girl Truly Me Boy Dolls
The new Truly Me boy dolls!!!
Truly Me
American Girl Truly Me Dolls
American Girl Truly Me Dolls
A new Mix and Match collection :)
American Girl Truly Me Dolls
Chameleon Set
American Girl Truly Me Dolls
The new Special Edition Star Spangled Fan Gear outfit
Tenney's new articles of clothing
American Girl WellieWishers
American Girl WellieWishers
New WellieWisher chicken coop
American Girl WellieWishers
New pajamas for both American Girl and WellieWisher
Do some of these clothing look familiar from the leaks I've posted? :)
 What's your favorite new item?

1 comment:

  1. I'm really enjoying this year's releases. The boys are cute (I know that's not a popular opinion). I kind of like the boy outfits more than the girl ones (getting tired of dresses and skirts). LOVE the Wellie chicken coop and the chameleon and Coconut jammies.