Saturday, June 2, 2018

DIY Doll Scarf

Sorry I haven't posted a lot lately. I just got back from our family vacation :) We spent 10 days in California (visiting my oldest sister who lives out there) and then 3 days in Oregon. It was a blast!!! Anyway, so I decided to do a DIY (well sort of like a DIY) today. I haven't done one of these in forever!
So let's get right into it :)
So first you want to find a piece of material (well obviously Kara *rolls eyes* lol) You want to make sure that your material (when touching the floor) comes up to your doll's armpits, and you want the width to be 2 dolls across (from side to side) The reason why I'm not giving measurements is because they can vary with different kinds of dolls, this way you can do it on whatever doll you want.
Next you're going to want to fold the fabric in half. Also you want to choose a fabric that's not stiff. I made the mistake of choosing one that was. You want the fabric to hang loosing.
Then put it around your doll's neck and knot it
After that, you'll want to tuck the ends of the knot that stick out, under the scarf so they can't be seen
Then pull the front of the scarf down. That way it doesn't look like your doll is choking :)
And there you go! An adorable scarf for your dolls to wear :)

Hope you enjoyed :)
Let me know what you thought of this tutorial


  1. Cute scarf! Welcome back!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  3. Great Craft! I love the bright blue color. :)

    -AG Doll Crafter