Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Guest what came in the mail today!!??

                                                     Guess what came in the mail today!!!!!

A box from....................
American Girl Doll Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Samantha!!!!!!!!!!!!
like i told you before they put on a new head so she has new hair!!!!!!
let's see how Felicity responded at Samantha coming home.
Felicity was reading one of her favorite books when.....
she heard a knock at the door.
She quickly put her book away 
and went to answer the door.
"Samantha!!!!!!!!!" Felicity cried
"Hey Lissie" said Samantha as Felicity gave her a big hug.
"Here,this is your bed" said Felicity. "Thanks" answered Samantha
"Oh, thanks for the get well card you sent me while i was in the hospital" Said Samantha.
"You're welcome" said Felicity smiling.
Hope you enjoyed!!!! 
Have you ever sent your doll to the hospital?


  1. Wow! So glad she's back! :)

    Allie D.

  2. all three look great! samantha's hair looks wonderful.